A Hall Users’ Guide

We hope that your use of Codicote Peace Memorial Hall is everything you expect. In order to help you have the perfect event, here is a guide to the hall’s facilities.

Entry to the Hall

Once your booking is confirmed, we’ll be in touch with details on how to gain access to the hall. You might be met by a member of the team or you may be asked to use the key safe to let yourself into the hall. The key safe can be found to the right of the front door. The combination to the key safe changes regularly and will have been sent to you by email or SMS as part of the booking process.

The front door of the PMH with a key safe attached to the wall


Once inside the front door, you’ll find the chair storage area on the left hand side. Do not let children move or set up the chairs – there is a risk of pinching if done without care. All chairs must be returned to the storage area before you leave the hall.


The table storage area can be found in the cupboard on the left hand side of the hall as viewed from the stage. There are over 20 tables to choose from in various heights and lengths. The shorter tables are lower and are more suitable for your younger guests.

It is important to ensure that table legs are locked into position before use and that children are not allowed to operate the legs due to a risk of pinching if not performed with care.

All tables must be cleaned and returned to the storage area before you leave the hall.


In the kitchen you’ll find a domestic kettle, refrigerator, microwave, urn and hot water controls.

Hot Water



The hot water system is run on a timer. If you need additional hot water, you can use the BOOST function on the timer to get an additional boost of water. The boost runs for an hour.

In order to activate the BOOST function, press the ‘-‘ button on the control panel. The display should change to “BOOST 1 ON”. You can now leave the control panel and the water will turn itself off after one hour. Should you choose to turn the water off manually, you can press the ‘-‘ button again and cycle through the settings “BOOST 2 ON” and “OFF”.


The toilets can be found either side of the stage. The male toilets to the left and the female toilets to the right. Both of these toilets are accessed by a short flight of stairs. For those unable to use the stairs, there is an accessible toilet by the front door.

Baby Changing Facilities

These can be found in the accessible toilet by the front door. Please do not dispose of nappies or wet wipes in the toilet; please use the bins provided.


As part of your booking, you agree to leave the hall in a clean condition, ready for the next hall user. If you do not clean the hall after use you may lose your all or part of your security deposit. Cleaning equipment can be found in the cupboard outside the female toilets.

Leaving the hall

When leaving the hall, it’s important to ensure that all of the fire exits are closed, that the hot water boost is turned off and that all lights are out, including those in the toilets. If you have been given access to the key safe, you must return the key to the key safe and ensure that the keypad is reset to 0-0-0-0. The combination to the key safe changes regularly and will have been sent to you by email or SMS as part of the booking process.


In case of emergency, your nearest Accident and Emergency department is:

Lister Hospital
Coreys Mill Lane,
Hertfordshire. SG1 4AB

Your nearest defibrillator is located outside the front door. You can access the defibrillator by calling 999 and quoting the reference number on the front of the box.

In case of fire, you should carefully consider if you can safely fight a fire, or if you should immediately evacuate the building. There are fire extinguishers throughout the hall but these should only be used with caution. If you discover a fire, you should immediately raise the alarm and call 999 giving the address:

Codicote Peace Memorial Hall
108 High Street,
Hertfordshire. SG4 8XE

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