History of the Peace Memorial Hall

The facade of Codicote Peace Memorial Hall showing the clock

The First World War, then generally known as “The Great War” finally ended with the Armistice in November 1918, although the peace treaty was not finally signed until the next year.

Many Codicote men, like those of every parish in the land, had been killed in this savage war. Once hostilities were over, the thoughts of the survivors turned to creating a fitting commemoration of those who died to save the country.

A stone memorial was to be constructed and installed in the parish. The location was subject to much discussion. Some said the churchyard was the most appropriate place, but others said that this was too far out of the village. In the end it was agreed to install it in the churchyard, where it can be seen today, and where it is the focus of the commemoration service every November.

However, some still felt that a memorial of some sort in the village centre was required. A wooden barn in the High Street was used occasionally for events, and behind it was the Men’s Club (now the History Society’s Club Room). It was decided to pull the barn down and replace it with a purpose built brick hall, to be known as the “Peace Memorial Hall”. It is not known who designed it, but it was built by the Males family of Codicote, who ran a village building concern. The hall was finally opened in 1927 and now contains two memorial boards listing those who lost their lives serving in both World wars. Roll of Honour

Shortly after its construction the vicar, the Rev W. d’A. Crofton, donated money for a small kitchen and a committee room to be built on the side of the hall, on the site of today’s kitchen and committee room, but the other way around!

The hall was run for the first few decades of its existence by the local church council, but for the whole village’s use. Then it was deemed inappropriate by the diocese for local churches to own property and a trust was set up to own and run it, as it has done ever since.

With thanks to Codicote Local History Society

The Hall is a registered Charity (302356) run by a Committee of Trustees. The income received from hiring the hall covers its running costs, with grants and donations being used for improvements.

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