Using the Key Safe

When you make a booking at the Codicote Peace Memorial Hall, a volunteer will usually meet you to open up; sometimes you may be asked to let yourself into the hall. If a volunteer isn’t available, a key to the hall will be left in the secure Key Safe.

Front Door and Key Safe

When you arrive at the hall, the Key Safe is located to the right of the side door (to the left of the hall as you look from the street).

Slide the cover down to reveal the combination lock and use the wheels to select the combination that you were given on your booking confirmation (check for an email from

After selecting the combination, pull down on the release button to open the safe.

Close the Key Safe and please remember to reset the code to 0-0-0-0.

To open the door, insert the key into the lock and turn it anti-clockwise until you hear a click. You can now remove the key.

Rotate the doorknob anti-clockwise to release the door, and pull the door towards you. There is a hook behind the door to keep it open.

Leaving the Hall

At the end of your booking it is important to ensure that the door is locked and you return the key to the Key Safe.

Ensure the door is closed – it may need to be slammed

Insert the key and turn it clockwise until you hear a click. You can now remove the key.

To check that the hall is securely locked, turn the doorknob anti-clockwise – it should move freely with no resistance. If the door does open, please repeat the locking process.

Return the key to the Key Safe using the same combination and please remember to reset the wheels to 0-0-0-0 before closing the black dust cover.

Don’t forget to check our our user guide for more information about the facilities in the hall.

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